A Living Landscape & Living Seas

The UK’s wildlife is in decline. Many countryside sights that were familiar a generation ago – meadows painted with colourful wildflowers, hedgerows filled with the songs and calls of farmland birds, fields teeming with pollinating insects – are now little more than a memory. As the specialised habitats that animals and plants depend on become fragmented and lost – a result of agriculture becoming more intensive and cities, towns and villages expanding – an ever-shrinking amount of space is left behind for nature.
However, the Wildlife Trusts have an ambitious plan of recovery for nature. Living Landscapes aim to return biodiversity to our countryside by restoring, reconnecting and recreating wild areas. New nature-rich habitats will be created, joining together surviving refuges to allow wildlife species to move more freely and expand their range and populations. Often these Living Landscape areas will be close to where people live, allowing them to also benefit from and enjoy these natural spaces which, we hope, will soon become filled with wildlife.

Explore our project areas

NWT has identified a number of priority areas where we shall be focusing our efforts. These Living Landscape project areas have been selected to cover some of the key wildlife areas in Norfolk and other areas where there are opportunities to create new habitats. We are also working to restore our Living Seas.