County Wildlife Sites

County Wildlife Site grassland, photo by Helen Backowska 1/3
County Wildlife Site grassland, photo by Helen Backowska 2/3
County Wildlife Site, grassland, photo by Helen Backowska 3/3

County Wildlife Sites (CWS), known nationally as Local Sites, are considered to be of value for wildlife in a county context. There are over 1,300 CWS in Norfolk, most of which are privately owned and have no public access. The CWS system in Norfolk is managed by a partnership of Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS), Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership, Natural England, Environment Agency  and the Broads Authority, with NWT taking the lead role.

While CWS do not receive statutory protection, they are given some protection through the planning system, with NWT playing the key role in advising planning authorities, developers and others on their protection. There is no legal constraint on the management of these sites, but NWT works with many landowners across Norfolk, giving help, advice and support with management.

Around 70 visits are made to CWS each year, and advice is given to landowners on appropriate management for wildlife benefit. There is an ongoing programme to survey and notify new sites where appropriate. Updates on new CWS are sent annually to all local authorities and statutory bodies in Norfolk.

County Wildlife Site information is also available, as part of a comprehensive service that provides site and species records, from Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service.

The general locations of CWS is also available on a map of the county. The map is updated each spring in line with the annual update of the CWS system. For detailed site boundaries or for more detailed information on individual sites please contact Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Please note that the majority of these sites are privately owned and CWS designation does not confer a right of public access to the site. Access to a site needs to be checked before visiting.


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