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2014-04-16 New Wildlife Fencing at NWT Cl New Wildlife Fencing at NWT Cley and Salthouse Reserve
Wednesday 16 April, 2014
During the December 2013 tidal surge parts of the shingle bank between Cley and Salthouse moved inland, burying hundr...
2014-04-03 New evidence of vanishing gras New evidence of vanishing grasslands
Thursday 03 April, 2014
The Wildlife Trusts call on Government to save remaining wildlife-rich grasslands and help farmers halt ‘cat...
2014-03-17 We have a new website We have a new website
Monday 17 March, 2014
You have probably noticed that we have sprung into action and hatched ourselves a new website. We hope you enjoy the ...
2014-03-11 Wildlife sites and rare specie Wildlife sites and rare species threatened by A47 plans
Tuesday 11 March, 2014
Norfolk Wildlife Trust is concerned that proposals to improve the A47 could result in irreversible damage to sensitiv...
2014-03-05 37 Marine Conservation Zones t 37 Marine Conservation Zones to be considered for consultation in 2015
Wednesday 05 March, 2014
Norfolk Wildlife Trust welcomes Defra’s release of the list of 37 sites for a second tranche of Marine Conse...
2014-01-17 Update on Cley Marshes Update on Cley Marshes
Friday 17 January, 2014
The work to retrieve the wreckage from the helicopter crash site has now been completed and all being well, the USAF ...
2014-01-10 Helicopter crashes at Cley Helicopter crashes at Cley
Friday 10 January, 2014
Norfolk Wildlife Trust is shocked by the news of a helicopter crash at NWT Cley Marshes nature reserve, and our immed...
Monday 06 January, 2014
Here's the latest: we'll keep updating this story.Access to Cley Marshes nature reserve All hides are now ac...
2013-12-23 Cley to Salthouse... Connectin Cley to Salthouse... Connecting our Living Coast
Monday 23 December, 2013
We are delighted to announce that we are able to go ahead with our £2.6 million vision for Cley Marshes: the...

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